Random Acts Can Be Transformative
06/04/2012, 11:40 PM
Filed under: Random

You guys know I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately.  But I’ve had some good luck lately.  A lovely card from an old friend complimenting me on my ability to help her tap into her true self.  Attending a Spelman College graduation event and leaving with a greater sense of sisterhood and community.  Overhearing (yes, I was being nosey I’ll admit it) a lady – fresh from her chemo treatment – discuss how the day of chemo she felt fine and even energized (it’s the day after when she has to explain to her son why mommy is tired.)  Finally being able to repay the random act of kindness Jamison and I received when parking – on the street, for free – for the Hawks Round 1, Game 1 playoffs game.  I was in line at Costco buying a slice of pepperoni pizza – one of my favorite lunches ever but almost 800 calories – and the lady in front of me had no cash.  Since she was obviously inexperienced in the cash-only ways of the Costco snack bar, I offered to pay for her caesar salad, which I’m sure would have been a WAY healthier option for me too.

Either way, all these little things added up to feeling truly jazzed about my life.  A few random events took me off course, but it’s really important for me to find a better way to keep things in perspective when they go awry.  These are the things I must remind myself of when times get hard…  Because all those little good things can somehow matter more than a few bad things.


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