Our New Sofa… in 8-10 weeks that is
01/17/2012, 12:53 AM
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Have I told you about my beloved vintage sofa?  Six years after coming home with me, it is on its last leg.  So, we gathered ourselves up and hit the January furniture sales.  And while I was initially hoping for the 2 seater sofa plus chaise sectional, we found this fantastically gorgeous sofa and could not resist it. 

It’s the Martha Stewart Saybridge Sofa in honey, a warm tan.  And it was on sale for $999 plus 10% off.  Because the color is custom-selected, it will takes 8-10 weeks to deliver. 😦 (The grey color, Storm, pictured below was great too.


My Dressing Room Post-Purge
10/02/2011, 9:39 PM
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Letting go of over 25 pairs of shoes and 15 purses was not as difficult as I expected.  And the decision to remove (nearly all) the shoes from the boxes was brilliant.  Of course, I color coordinated the (nearly 100 pairs of remaining) shoes.  I SO love the look of the dressing room now:

It actually looks SO much cleaner than it did before.  And I’ve got some room to grow.

The vanity table and tufted velvet bench are STARS of the room.  And I love my tongue-in-cheek “canaries” in the bird-cage:  They are vintage YSL yellow suede pumps in MINT condition.  I keep saying I’ll wear them one day, but I haven’t in over 9 years LOL.  And the original owner did not wear them either.  It kinda seems wrong to…

Isn’t this mustard yellow tufted French chair amazing?  It’s the original upholstery!  And that Louis Vuitton print is a vintage magazine ad.  I HAD to have that Marilyn Monroe print at my local Ross.  (It was $19.99 plus tax.)

I also took a few random shots of my storage shelves:

A shot of my trimmed-down purse section, jewelry, perfumes and my leopard print pumps with hat boxes on top

The brown, metallic and part of my black shoe section.  I was shocked that I had SO MANY black shoes that they took three sections!

My colorful shoe section

My vanity tray with jewelry, brooches, pictures and my golden piggy bank

My necklace and bracelet storage

I’ve been meaning to share for a while, but I thought this “new and improved” version was worth posting!  I hope you like it.  I think being able to actually see the shoes will really help me wear a more broad range of my shoe collection, one of my October resolutions!

Purge-tastic, Bi%che$
09/28/2011, 12:52 AM
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I don’t know if you can tell from the headline, but I have been going purge crazy.  A couple of weeks ago, I hit the jacket closet up and sadly relinquished an orange coat I’ve been meaning to repair for years that is now too big.  And a few other things.

Then when Kai came to visit we did a quick but mighty purge of my handbags.  I kept the classic ones (even those I don’t ever or have ever even thought of carried) and tossed the rest – mostly Canal Street knockoffs from my past.

Oh and the shoes.  I had so many shoes worn never, worn once.  I mean close to two thousand dollars worth of shoes without a single scrape on the soles.  What a waste of money!  It goes to show that cheap stuff is not usually that cheap.  This is why you cannot buy things due to their low price.  Especially me…  Welcome to my Sunday night of reflection.

What you cannot see in these photos is the EXTRA pairs of shoes that I decided to purge last night with (of all people’s assistance) Jamison’s help.  We decided on a few that I have been resisting purging for a LONG time.  And some shoes that I forgot about – literally.  I mean, there were TWO pairs of Enzo Angiolini black patent ankle strap pumps (one brand new) from 2004.  They were all the rage seven years ago, but the shape is a little odd now.

What I have learned from all of this purging is the importance of buying things that I truly LOVE.  Just because something is highly discounted or a good deal doesn’t mean it should come home with me.  And I am going to try to continue my rule of “if I don’t wear it within two weeks…” it has to go back.

I wish I’d taken a full “Before” picture of the dressing room – I’ll have to unearth some – b/c I am planning to change my entire shoe display/storage practice in the dressing room.  Watch out.  More to come!

A Glimpse Into the Re-Painted Dining Room
06/28/2011, 1:41 AM
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So, you guys have been (patiently) listening to me go and go about painting the dining room black since last summer.  First when I visited The Mansion in Savannah in June.  In July I started planning ideas of what it could be like.  This weekend, we FINALLY got around to painting the dining room.



Yes, there is still much to do:  rug, mirror over buffet, animal heads flanking door, original art (just wait, it’s gonna be super cool), more orange accessories, re-doing the chair layout/colors/upholstery (need another ghost chair for this) and adding an upholstered pad on the dining bench.  But I am so motivated now!

Transitioning My Dining Room to Fabulous Very Soon
06/18/2011, 10:16 AM
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You guys know that I have been on the hunt to upgrade my dining room for quite some time.  I found the perfect affordable sale plates ($2.50 each) at CB2 to re-inspire me to focus on finishing my project:

BBF Dinnerware – I got the dinner plates

The goal is black & white with pops of orange and turquoise.  I am dying for black & white striped curtains:

Here is an affordable option though not as chic:

Black & White Grommet Panel Curtain – Amazon $24.99

And you KNOW I need some animal heads to flank the doorway:

Deer Head – Z Gallerie $49.95

Or should I go with a gazelle head…?

Gazelle Head Wall Plaque – Z Gallerie $49.95

The animal heads would look so hot in this frame:


I’m kind of feeling these white parrots too:

Parrots on a Branch – Z Gallerie $14.95

I am also digging these black and white stripe paper lanterns too though I am not sure what I’d do with them:

Lanterns – Z Gallerie $12.95

And I still need my hide rug too:

KOLDBY Cowhide rug – IKEA $199

What do I want the whole room to “feel” like?

Isn’t it going to be fab?  I am not sure where the orange is coming in though…

10 Things I’d Love to Have for My Home
12/19/2010, 10:40 PM
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Inspired by a post called “10 Things I’d Love to Have for My Apartment” on Apartment Therapy, I thought I’d take some time to think through the same question, as I am desperately hoping for a larger-than-planned bonus in the spring. 😉

1.  Hide rug KOLDBY at Ikea for only $199

2.  Hide footstool IKEA STOCKHOLM Footstool for $279

3.  Baroque-style frames for the dining room – UNG DRILL at IKEA for $29.99

4.  Barcelona chair & ottoman/ daybed – not sure where either go in my home

5.  New tall water glasses – like the CB2 Tambien Clear at CB2 (cuz I’ve broken all of mine due to never-ending clumsiness)

6.  Black paint in dining room – getting to this I promise

Source:  Great Interior Design

Source:  My Knotting Hill

7.  Black and white wallpaper in powder room

Source:  Better Living Through Design

8.  Hardwood flooring on 1st floor

Brazilian Walnut on Lumber Liquidators

Ebony African Mahogany on Floor and Decor

9.  Teak Chaise for patio – Montego Chaise at Room and Board

10.  Island” for dressing room – see right

Source:  California Closets

And there are many, many more things I want too…  But this is good to get started on in 2011 (while simultaneously killing all of my credit card debt.)

Interior Design Inspiration: Black Dining Room with Pops of Color
07/05/2010, 5:25 PM
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 I just wanted to share some inspriation for what Jamison and I have agreed for our dining room.  I am hoping we can get started with the update next month!

I’d like re-cover the dining room chair cushions in zebra (from too-traditional toille.)

The black painted walls in Casimir’s Lounge were a huge inspiration!  With our white molding, it will really pop.

Jamison and I decided that the dramatic contrast of turquoise and orange accents will be so dramatic, so we are looking for great orange dinnerware to dress the table.

We are keeping the turquoise sideboard in the space.  (Above pictured is similar.)

I love this orange and turquoise art piece from Color Splash:  Miami

I am so in love with this large-scale mirror with zebra trim. (Yes, it’s also from Color Splash:  Miami.  I DIE for David Bromstad!  Cute and talented?  Yum-o!  Call me when you’re in ATL, David.)


Louis Ghost armchairs will be a finishing touch to replace our current chairs for the heads of the table.  Christmas presents, hello!

We have a few trips coming up over the next month (read – need to save our money now), so we are hoping to get started on this project soon after.  I am SO looking forward to the final product, which of course I’ll be featuring right here on clearlyfabulous.