Changed My Life – Garnier Nutritioniste Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit
05/13/2010, 6:44 PM
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OK, so I am a bit of a collector of… well, almost… anything.  And I LOVE to buy things.  Sometimes I buy things just because… well, I want to buy something.  I can often cure this desire in the TJ Maxx clearance beauty section – so I accumulate tons of things.  I had to force myself to stop buying shower gel in 2007 b/c I was buying so much at the Unilever company store (no joke – we still have Axe shower gel, Suave deodorant, Vaseline lotion & coca butter gel, etc. from 2007 and 2008!)

All of this to say that I bought this random facial exfoliant at some point in the last few years.  It is called Garnier Nutritioniste Regenerating Micro-Polish Kit, and although I acquired it for $5, I was skeptical.  So it sat and sat and sat… for years. 

And one day a couple of weeks ago, I ran out of my trusty Avon clearskin scrub – damn you Avon for discontinuing this, which I used since 2004. 

So I reached for the Garnier kit.  And it rocks!  (I can say this firmly after more than 2 weeks use.)  The kit includes a scrub AND a sunscreen moisturizer, and ironically – they are both awesome.  The scrub has fine crystals (but they’re not too fine) that work really well.  The sunscreen feels good going on but doesn’t leave the whitish ghost-like “mask” on my face.  And it’s drugstore price…  Score, score, score!!!  Of course, there is no telling how long I’ll be able to find the kit, so I will be stocking up soon (cuz you know I roll.)

But remember to be careful with new cosmetics.  Remind me to tell you the story about the highly regarded St. Ives microdermabrasion and the bumps and scars that plagued me for 2 months.  Or not.  Just avoid it.  No story needed.


Just My Style Designs by Kara Mann
12/05/2009, 10:25 PM
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You guys know how much I LOVE but I’ve been pretty behind schedule lately.  But when I spotted these super sexy interiors by Kara Mann I knew this spoke to my own personal design aesthetic.  I still owe you guys photos of my own crib, but these are some new inspirations for me.  I love things dark and moody with vintage touches:

The asian statue, cowhide upholstery, driftwood “sculpture” and mix of shapes totally captivates me.  I D.I.E!!!

That olive chair haunts me.  I found a similar one in cognac a while back but “contained myself” because I have a bit of a chair habit.  I’m instantly saddened by how well this one works in the room.  It also has me considering using fringe on one (or more) pieces of furniture.

I love the lacquered cabinet, chandelier and vintage chair!!!  The bird kinda freaks me out though…

Lush Love
11/28/2009, 11:42 PM
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It all started back in 2004.  I was on  vacation with my best friend in Toronto.  We were shopping and ran across a store selling bath and body products.  It was called LUSH

And it was no Bath & Body Works.  The products are all-natural, non-animal tested and many are even vegan.  While I started with a single focus on the famous bath bombs, but my favorites have quickly evolved… and there are many products I’ve never even tried.  I will warn you it’s a bit pricey though worth every penny.

Here are some top picks:

1.  Sympathy for the Skin body lotion – OMG, it makes your skin soft beyond description and is perfect for winter (sh%t – I use it in summer too)

2.  Butterball bath bomb – like a moisturizing drink for your bath (I’ve been told you can break it up and use each one for multiple baths but I keep it luxurious and drop in the WHOLE thing)

3.  Dream Cream body lotion – great for sensitive and dry skin, so thick and rich!

4. Nutts massage bar – rub this coca butter bar all over your body for amazing moisture

5. Lemony Flutter cuticle butter – not only good for dry and rough cuticles, this stuff is also great for keeping feet soft

6. Aqua Marina facial wash – seaweed and soothing ingredients make this facial wash very effective albeit a bit tricky to use when you are accustomed to liquid

7.  Karma fragrance – this citrus and patchouli-tinged fragrance is like a refined hippie chick would wear and I want it!!!!!!!!!!!

Save Your Wardrobe from Stains – Tide Stain Release
10/31/2009, 9:10 PM
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A few weeks ago I had to work late.  (BTW, I have been working crazy hours a lot lately.)  Being a cocktails kind of gal, I thought it better to spend 90 minutes working at my local T.G.I. Friday’s than at the office.  I ordered my happy hour usual, a tall Bud Light and Boneless Buffalo Wings… which I enjoyed immensely – in my favorite ivory cowl neck dress.

And as I walked out – feeling accomplished and disciplined for putting in the extra time to make my tomorrow more manageable at work – I looked down and saw BUFFALO SAUCE on my favorite freaking dress.  Oh no!  My husband Jamison said, “Who eats buffalo wings while wearing white?”  Sure, that all sounds so common sense, but I am not USUALLY a messy gal.

Man, when I got home I tried Shout – twice.  No luck.  I tried OxiClean – twice; it got lighter but it was still there.  I tried my good old reliable stain remover I stocked up from White House Black Market before they stopped carrying it, and the stain was STILL there.

I frantically called my mom – who knows everything about everything – to ask her for advice.  She told me she got a three-year old stain out of a dress using Tide Stain Release.  I bought a small package at Publix for $3.99 and popped the dress in the wash with Woolite and one packet of Stain Release.  It worked the first time!

I am not paid to tell you this.  I’ve gotten no Proctor & Gamble swag to reveal this – although P&G, Unilever, Tom Ford, Bliss, etc. feel free to send me some swag and I’ll be happy to give my HONEST opinion…  Tide Stain Release rocks!  Get some and be sure to use it with any stain and you won’t be sorry.

You can get a coupon here…

Tide Stain Release

Lola: A Dream Deferred…
09/20/2009, 6:54 PM
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I have been dying for the new Marc Jacobs Lola since I rubbed it on my forearm from Bazaar magazine two months ago.  It is everything I love in a fragrance:  spicy, sexy, musky – all in an unbelievably beautiful bottle!

marc jacobs lola

2 bottles lola

top of lola bottle

Since Lola was sold exclusively at Bloomingdale’s last month, I had to wait a bit to get my “test-on-my-arm” spray.  I headed to the local Macy’s and happily got a whiff on the tester card.

“Hook me up,” I said to the fragrance lady.  She gave me ONE generous spray.  It was very powerful but I wanted to let it die down and settle in while Jory and I cruised the mall. 

By the time we made it to Forever 21 (aka XXI), it was OBVIOUS that the scent was not for me.  It was so heady I almost passed out and hurled – all at the same time. 😦 

But I have not given up on how great the scent is… so go out, give it a spray and if it doesn’t smell terrible on you, make it your new signature fragrance.  I am sticking to my good old reliables:

Trouble by Boucheron – I smelled it in passing at the mall and couldn’t resist.  That it’s named Trouble is like icing on the cupcake.


Pure Poison by Dior – I lusted after it for so long, it was pitiful.  I feel like a sexpot every single time I spray it’s oriental floral goodness.

pure poison

Dior Addict – another sexy ass oriental by Dior.  Need I say more?  Got this one before Pure Poison and still love it to death!

dior addict

Hanae Mori– this was a random suggestion by the Saks perfume gal and GOD I love it!  It’s one of my most wearable  and it really works for every day and special occasions.  For some reason, I only bought 1.7 oz, which I never do, so I’m bound to ask for more for Christmas…

hanae mori

What’s your favorite spicy, oriental/floral, musky scent?  I feel like I need a new one?  I considered DKNY Delicious Night, but it just seems so common…