Girl Crush Wednesday: Rebecca Minkoff
11/30/2011, 10:42 AM
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Since she makes the bags I crush on, why not crush on Rebecca herself?  After all, she is a cutie!

And while I’m crushing on her, can I also get a new bag?  The Jet Setter (in cranberry) will do nicely!

I can dream, can’t I?


I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On…
11/29/2011, 11:46 PM
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OK, so you are probably wondering what the heck this post is about.  Well, it references a line from a favorite 80’s song.  But what it is REALLY about is keeping a promise I made to myself.  That when the Nine West Kickstart wedge went on super sale, I would also pick it up in fuchsia (since I already own it in black – wildly comfortable and super tall).  It did yesterday for Cyber Monday, so I snagged it for around $50.  Isn’t it SO sleek?

I am sorry.  I had to.  I also bought lots of presents yesterday.  And 10 pairs new hipster panties from Gap during their 30% off cyber monday sale.  Don’t you love how I snuck that in?  Do the silk turtlenecks from Chadwicks and v-neck sweaters I bought from Target last week count too?  Sorry, people.  ALL of my sweaters – literally every single one – turned out to be too big after my weight loss last winter!  Who knew?

Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag
11/25/2011, 10:36 AM
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OMG, this is so my type of bag – colorful and structured at the same time.  And did I mention that it contains my FAVORITE colors:  red, orange and hot pink?

I totally DIE for it.  And it’s a somewhat affordable $990.  Hmmm…. 

Get it at Saks.

What I’m Thankful For in 2011
11/24/2011, 5:52 PM
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Starting the day off mostly right:

With cinnamon rolls and French champagne (courtesy of Trader Joe’s Blanc de Blancs) while watching the parade, minus the gym – I woke up with raging pain in my lower back that took three applications of Ben Gay PM, a shower and two Aleve to kill

So, after my morning of champagne after a restless night, what is it that I am thankful for this year?

  1. My loving husband Jamison, who probably hates loving (and pretending to love) all this fabulous $hit 😉
  2. My family.  Short one loving dad AKA Tony, who was gone too soon and kind of haunted me in the early morning after watching Piney being cremated on “Sons of Anarchy” last night.  I miss you.  I love you.  Jealous that everyone else will be having fun and eating mi mamita’s famous mac and cheese later!
  3. Cooking turkey on Thanksgiving for nothing but leftovers LOL
  4. Washing my face with my Clarisonic facial cleansing device (brilliant)
  5. Lots of really, really good friends that mostly live too far away to eat turkey with on Thanksgiving (and some that are close but have alternate plans.)  I love you all.  Thanks for having my back.
  6. My upcoming trip to Paris and *hopefully* Champagne
  7. Spending time with my girl Jo’ie at Christmas and New Years
  8. Being half drunk around noon and watching music videos until the food is done, I eat lunch and take a shower and start all over again 😉
  9. My health – for real – I am LUCKY to be healthy except for lots of costly and painful dentistry issues 😦
  10. My job, which I like and I like the people I do it with and the person I do it for and the company for which I work and I even make enough to continue to collect vintage… everything
  11. “Tomorrow, tomorrow… I love you, tomorrow…”

My Goodwill Scores
11/23/2011, 11:21 PM
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I feel like I haven’t hung out with Amy in forever.  This past Saturday we got started nice early and managed to accomplish a lot between 10 AM and 7:30 PM:

  1. “Breakfast” beer (after biscuits and sausage of course)
  2. Goodwill shopping (see below for details)
  3. Shopping for sunflower seed pie ingredients (like pecan pie but with sunflower seeds instead – and she so graciously volunteered to make it for me after I brought it up)
  4. More beer while waiting for Amy’s haircut
  5. Haircut for Amy
  6. Lunch at Eduardo’s Mexican Grill on Lavista Rd. (you must go there if you live in ATL, the food was superb)
  7. Cocktails and gossip mag reading while watching Amy’s Goodwill fashion show (you MUST see the blue dress)
  8. Sunflower seed pie eating and socializing with neighbors
  9. A little pasta dinner before I headed back home

Didn’t we do a LOT?  And I know you are thinking I “slipped in” the shopping, but you will be proud to know that all except one item is in my “no limit/no exclusions” category*.  Here is what I scored for $31.10:


Black sequined top – $4.97

Multicolored sequin top – $4.97

Black satin peplum jacket – $5.97 (didn’t photograph well but so flattering, very nippy at the waist)

Red embellished blazer (so Dallas) – $5.97

Red clutch – $5.75

Two red and gold trays for my dressing room – $.77 each

*Items that I collect are excluded from the shopping rules.  This includes vintage jewelry, vintage trays, vintage furs, all things sequined/embellished, vintage leather jackets… well, you get the hint.  A lot of vintage things that are special – especially to me.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Sunny Anderson
11/23/2011, 10:24 AM
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I will probably never cook a Thanksgiving dinner in my life.  We have my family in Nebraska and Jamison’s dad & stepmom and mom & stepdad both here in Atlanta.  This means I am a Thanksgiving shuttling fool!  Now none of this stops me from preparing a few (healthy) Thanksgiving dishes for us to enjoy at home each year.  So I’ve been watching a LOT of Food Network.  And it made me realize how much I love Sunny Anderson and her happy, bubbly personality and caramel skin with matching hair:



Wire Image

And now that she’s dropped a few pounds, she is even hotter.  You GO girl.

A Little Something For Myself
11/17/2011, 10:55 AM
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Are you ever haunted my an item that you didn’t purchase?  Unfortunately for me, the ghosts of “things I really wanted but didn’t get” past sometimes make it hard for me to concentrate on something new.  So when I declared my Adieu au Shopping in mid September, it’s no shock that I left a gorgeous black leather and leopard print pony hair Badgley Mischka tote with an affordable price tag of $199.99 hanging sadly on a hook at TJ Maxx in Buckhead as I strolled off with my with Betsey Johnson leopard print trench. 

What is also not shocking is that I told Marguerite the story of it a couple weeks ago, with regret still in my voice.  And you know what she said, “Why didn’t you just buy it?  You could always take it back…” as if it’s just THAT easy for a girl like me to return, well frankly, anything.  Can you imagine the OBSESSION that followed?  You probably can’t – the web searches and TJ Maxx and Marshalls searches…

And then one harmless day at lunch, I headed to Marshalls for measuring cups (you know, for the getting skinny pre-Paris part that I have also not been too good at.)  What did I find on the way to the register after finding lovely measuring cups?  A pony hair leopard print bag and belt.  Yep.  Both.

Aqua Madonna Leopard Print Pony Hair Satchel – $99.99 at Marshalls

Nine West Leopard Print Pony Hair Belt – $14.99 at Marshalls

Now, you also know how seriously I feel about my duties as the baller aunt to Carlos.  Jamison and I woke up super early on a gloomy Sunday morning to check out the Harajuku Mini collection at Target.  (You may recall the bad luck I had with the Missoni for Target hunt.)  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the toddler stuff fully in stock yet.  I did manage to grad a cute top for Isis, a great newsboy cap and sneakers for Losi (AKA Carlos) and even snatched up a cute plaid bow headband for myself (see below):

My vision of how little Losi would look all decked out as a Harajuku Mini:

And you know what, I don’t feel bad for one second for buying the belt, satchel or headband.  I am thrilled.