What I’m Rocking: Electric Cynthia
04/29/2011, 3:28 PM
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I had to get at least a little adorable to see our neighbor off to prom although Jamison felt it was more appropriate to look a little more ragamuffin than this:

Yes, I am finally wearing my electric blue Cynthia Rowley dress… kinda wishing I had gotten it in black too.  And yes, I am drinking wine at 4 PM. 😉  And yes, standing next to a tiny 17-year-old in 4-inch heels makes me look fatter than I hoped to be after 40 pounds lost but I guess that is perfectly fine. 😉


Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Reed Krakoff Python Gym Top Handle Bag
04/29/2011, 11:21 AM
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I am obsessed with extremely large bags.  This is obviously b/c I like to stuff as much crap as possible into my purse.  This bag is so refined, yet super sexy due to the grey python.

And although it would be terribly indulgent, wouldn’t the “gym bag” make the most AMAZING gym bag?  But at $2,790 it deserves to be far, far, far away from my sweaty gym socks.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

What I’m Rocking: Atlanta Hawks Brawl in White
04/28/2011, 11:13 PM
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Last Friday night Jamison and I went to Game 3 of the Hawks-Magic playoff series.  It was a very interesting game that broke out into battle, which led to ejection, and then ended with a last second Hawks shot for a WIN!  The goal was to “Dwight [Howard] Out” Phillips Arena and I had a birthday party later that night, so I decided to be clever with my look:

White button-down shirt:  Gap – I literally just took the $19.99 tag off this shirt.  I’ve had it for at least 4 years.  What can I say?  As much I strive to be like Carolina Herrera when I grow up, a white shirt is way simple for my likings.  You know I am way more into leopard, sequins, hot pink, etc.

Black bow belt:  H&M – I scored this for $10 right before Christmas, and I am just now getting around to wearing it.  I SO love it!

Denim The Rock Star Leggings:  Old Navy – These are my faves and have gotten me through 40 pounds of weight fluctuations in a mere three size range.  When they are on sale for $19.50, I stock up!

Vans checkerboard super hightop sneakers:  Nordstrom Rack – I also got these last year for around $30 and wore them for the first time.  Is this a trend in my ensemble?  LOL, I am hysterical.

Vintage patchwork bag:  Random thrift store – I am so in love with this convenient little purse, it’s great for travel, nightclubs, etc.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Maggie Q
04/27/2011, 10:58 AM
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I love all the sketchy CW shows (e.g. “Vampire Diaries,” “One Tree Hill,” “Gossip Girl,” “90210”….  I count “Nikita” as a favorite.  That damn Maggie Q – while a bit skinny for my likings – is so exotically beautiful.  And her character, Nikita, is super badass!

What I’m Rocking: Sunny Easter Ruffle
04/26/2011, 12:05 AM
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Amy (and Domino) joined me and Jamison for Easter lunch yesterday afternoon.  We spent a lot of time sunning in the backyard:

Ivory ruffled one shoulder tiered dress:  H&M – I scored this for $59.95 and was considering wearing it to Amy’s birthday party but didn’t want to overdress (per suggestion from Jamison)

Mauve satin peep toe pumps with rhinestone buckle:  DSW – These were potential wedding shoes, but they didn’t make the cut.  It turns out they are not so comfortable.

Amy’s green and white floral dress was a thrift find.  And Domino was the perfect accesory for our backyard photo shoot.

A Few More Swimsuits to Covet
04/23/2011, 11:05 AM
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Looking forward to summer and enjoying the 85 degree weather today, I have found a few new swimsuits that I am feening for:

DVF striped bikini  – $260

Draped Solids Badgley Mischka Shirred Swimsuit – $108

St John Elegant Asymmetrical One Piece – $180

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Oscar de la Renta Deep V One Piece Swimsuit
04/22/2011, 7:02 PM
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As you all I know, I am almost unhealthfully obsessed with swimwear.  I always have been.  What can I say – we are beach/pool/ layout on the patio kind of people!  When I spied this super deep plunging v neck swimsuit, I wished my boobs were small enough to not make this suit indecent:

Now, at $490 this suit is a bit of a stretch for me.  (I like to keep mine below the $80 mark wherever possible.)  If you are in the mood for a fab splurge for a super sexy beach vacay, you can get it at Saks.