My Attempt to Turn Over a New Leaf Regarding Acquisition
11/01/2011, 11:23 PM
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The fact that I could not keep my own “no shopping” promise (details coming soon) to myself made me batty.  So batty (since when do I say the word, “batty” BTW?) that I had to do some serious brainstorming with Jory on the situation while we drove to Nashville for a business trip last month.

Why do I love buying things so much?  How can I channel that desire and joy to something else?  So that is my mission: to find less joy in the act of acquisition.  And it’s gonna be tricky because I adore the act of hunting and finding and bringing things home and telling the story of where I got and who I was with and how I was feeling and how much (little) it cost…

What can I do help me meet my own goal?  Well, Jory helped me come up with some ideas to help set me up for success.  It turns out that I think I can accomplish my goal with two basic rules:

  1. One item in, one item out*
  2. No shopping for fun unless traveling

How will I measure my success? I plan to photograph my entire wardrobe (using the iPhone app My Closet – yes, I did finally join the iPhone generation).  I need to count the total number of items in my wardrobe to ensure I can appropriately determine which item(s) should be “out” after acquiring a new piece.

I also need to identify acquisition triggers, which are plentiful for me.  One quick fix was to begin to delete all those shopping emails.  I also have to avoid random trips to the mall (particularly at lunch) for no reason.  Shopping needs to become about getting a particular thing that I need, not a “fun” activity.  I also need to find different things to do when my friends come in town to visit – maybe I can get more serious about consulting others when they need new pieces…

Either way, this is bound to be a huge challenge for me, so remind me to keep you guys posted.

*Excludes the items I collect like vintage jewelry and furs.


Because I am Just That Obsessed…
12/14/2010, 1:33 AM
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I don’t know if you’ve caught on to the fact that I get very obsessed with things.  I truly believe in buying multiples of the things that “change your life.”  Today I was lucky enough to find TWO “life-changing” items that I was able to score:

Four sets of Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Exfoliant (with SPF 15 moisturizer) at Marshall’s for $4.99 each – see my previous review here

You can find it on eBay for way more…  You will either be proud or horrified to know that I did resist buying the five sets I also found at TJ Maxx.  Jory and I agreed that may be overkill.  I’m still wondering…  It’s not like I can roll into Target for it!

And since I was so horrified regarding my favorite kitten heel boots being discontinued at Newport News last winter that I was forced to boycott, I’ve been strolling around in my remaining chocolate-brown pair this winter.  Sadly the ivory and black ones bit the dust last year.  And I was not so successful in finding appropriate replacement boots at Nine West – though I did buy some that don’t seem comfy enough for me to commit to wearing all day. 

In a fit of grand hope, I decided to peruse the “sale” cold weather accessories and boots email from Newport News this afternoon.  Guess what – my boots are back!  The price has increased from $29 to $49 each, which is more than fair since they’re made of super soft leather.  And the manageable 1.5 inch heel makes them an all-day boot.  And guess who found 30% off and free shipping promotional codes to boot?  (Pun not intended but hilarious.)  So for around $36 I’ll have my favorite black boots appear at my house.  Yes, before long I’ll purchase another pair in black, java and dark-wine since I don’t think I need purple or pink boots.

I love being totally satisfied with excellent purchases.  BTW, I have got to get back on my shopping “diet” soon but alas, I have not yet found a proper knee-length black, brown or camel pencil skirt for an acceptable price.  So the search and shopping continues.

My Sunday Shopping Victory
12/06/2010, 1:20 AM
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So, my attempt to find new skirts in a smaller size led me to the Ross and Marshalls near my gym this morning.  While I was still not able to find a new knee-length pencil skirt (as I am considering leaving the mid-calf length version as-is for vintage appeal,) I managed to get a few items for myself and some gifts.

Black Adrienne Vittadini wrap-esque skirt:  Marshalls – I got this on clearance for $10.00!!!!!!  The cut is super flattering.  I can’t wait to wear with tights.

Black jeweled Calvin Klein silk short-sleeved sweater:  Marshalls – I breezed past this on my way to the skirt section.  Luckily I returned to scoop it up.  I would have clearly regretted not buying this fab top.  You know how much I love black tops with everything from skirts to jeans to blazers!

Gold Kenneth Cole Reaction aviator sunglasses:  Marshalls – I was somehow encouraged to stop by the sunglass section on my way to the register.  These are a great size and don’t cut into my cheeks (hence NOT ruining my crazy colored blush) so I had to get them for those cold, sunny winter mornings.

Not bad for less than $40!  Ah, I love a good steal.  Clearance will do that for you.  Another shopping victory.  Yes, I am buying Christmas gifts for my friends and family.  I promise.  I just like to get a few things for myself too. 😉

Thanksgiving Shopping Victory
11/30/2010, 11:53 PM
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I kicked off the Thanksgiving Holiday by spending the day with Amy, shopping in Buckhead.  We hit all of my favorite stores and made some time for food & wine shopping too.  I loaded up on wine and even bought some candy – Kinder Bars were on clearance at World Market for $2.50 per 3-pack and the gummy frogs were irresistible.  My goal was to find some new skirts since my existing ones are getting so big they do the twist around-on-your-body-deal.  I managed to meet my goal and then some:

Denim and black pencil skirts (yes, I’m likely to get the black one hemmed to the knee) for less than $30 total at Marshalls and Ross

Black and silver Taylor dress – on clearance at Ross for $19.99.  Thinking it’s perfect for a Mardi Gras brunch. 🙂

Five of my favorite Garnier Nutritioniste facial exfoliant and moisturizer kits

Some stocking stuffers for Amy, who is a loyal reader, so I can’t tell 😉

On Black Friday, Jamison and I were out to find him new football cleats and basketball shoes.  Luckily, I also got a few things – two more Garnier Nutritioniste exfoliant and moisturizer kits from Marshalls and more The Rock Star Skinny Denim Leggings at Old Navy – on sale for $15.  I was feeling very good about my scores but still in need of more pencil skirts. 

So, luckily I was able to score a new light grey pencil skirt at Ross on Cyber Monday – and a few stocking stuffers.  (No cyber luck.  I didn’t find the sales very impressive.  Thursday sales were just as good – maybe better.)

I guess I’ll do some more scouring at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross this week while I continue scouting good stocking stuffers for Amy and more presents for everyone else on our Christmas list.

Shecky’s Girls Night Out
11/23/2010, 4:10 PM
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Last Thursday evening I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out with my buddy, Reed.  I was thrilled to see that Bud Select 55 was on the bar – beer for less than 60 calories?  You know it’s a household staple.  I enjoyed one while waiting in line for my goody bag, which contained:

  • Lindt 70% dark chocolate
  • Colgate toothpaste (full-sized)
  • Jergen’s Shea Butter lotion (travel-sized)
  • Samples of Body Shop shampoo, conditioner, hair butter and facial moisturizer
  • Samples of Aveeno shampoo and conditioner
  • Goody ponytail holders
  • Hot pink heart-shaped sunglasses courtesy of XRated liquer
  • Febreze Home scented goodies
  • Softlips sugar and spice lip balm duos
  • Sample of viafusion gummy vitamins (yummy and an excuse to eat gummies, will be buying these soon)
  • Samples of U by Kotex products and a “feminine product” carrier
  • Loads of coupons!

 Besides the awesome makeovers by Gabriel, we were only excited for these super cool lilla rose hair barrettes.

While we left mostly empty-handed, we had a great evening of fun for $10 goodie bag tickets and a $22 dinner.  Girl’s night is really about having a good time with your girls.  And lots of other girls too LOL.

Lush Pampered Queen
07/19/2010, 11:02 PM
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I spent all weekend with one of my oldest and best friends, Roxann.  She decided to abandon the 116 degree sunny weather in Phoenix to spend some time with us in balmy, rainy Atlanta.  On Saturday, Roxann and I ventured to the Lush location in Cumberland Mall for the Haus of Pampered Queens event – free facials and hand treatments were too good to pass up.  We were very well taken care of by the staff and you know I left with some new goodies:

Ultra Bland facial cleanser– $29.95 for 3.5 oz

While I have combo skin most of the year and super-oily in the summertime, I love using oil-based cleansers to remove all the makeup residue and deep clean.  This one has a peanut oil base with rose, beeswax and honey too – but it’s still safe for sensitive skin.

The Sacred Truth fresh face mask – $5.95 for 2.1 oz

I love a good face mask.  In my single days, I was known to use masks 3-4 times a week.  (My combo skin has giant pores.)  Sacred Truth mask has loads of anti-oxidants:  wheatgrass, ginseng and green tea, enzymic fresh papaya, cleansing clays and nutritious butters.  This means soothing, cleansing and exfoliating all in one!

Full of Grace serum – $13.95 for 0.7 oz

I am a sucker for facial serums – I literally collect them.  It’s so sad… I have vitamin C, anti-aging, etc.  When I found out this serum had portabello mushrooms and rose oil, I was intrigued.  When I felt it on my skin, I was committed.  This serum is solid, so it melts in your hands instead of liquid serum from a pump.  But for only $13.95, I felt it was a worthwhile investment in a well nourished face.

Breath of Fresh Air toner – $18.95 for 8.4 oz

This toner is a wonderful blend of aloe, seaweed and sea water, which makes perfect sense…  Ever notice how your skin looks amazing after a weekend at the beach?  Sea water rocks!  This toner will help balance dry skin, which is very helpful for long flights.   And I received a small bottle complimentary by spending a mere $50!!!! 

I am lusting after another Lush product – Gorgeous moisturizer.  I knew I was in trouble when the sales associate told me, “This is our most expensive moisturizer.  It’s based on one that Lady Diana used…” 

I knew I was in trouble b/c my favorite is always the most expensive of anything, which makes my desire for bargains even more difficult to manage.  Gorgeous contains neroli and cold-pressed organic oils of olive, evening primrose, avocado and wheatgerm.  That means it feel GOOOOOOOOOD on your skin! At $89.95, I will have to save this one for the next time someone wants to buy me a present (hint – hint), so I will be lusting after it until then (AKA I’ll be going to Lush to sample it a LOT until I get my own.)

You can purchase these and other great products from

My Shopping Victory: Flat Fringe Sandals
06/22/2010, 12:40 PM
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So, I will admit that I’ve been stalking TJ Maxx for these sandals for months now.  But they NEVER have them in my size.  Last night, while running through the last of my gift card, I found these adorable (and I hope comfortable) shoes in size 8 for $19.99:

The black suede is kind of edgy and the fringe reminds me of my favorite Jeffrey Campbell Kimi heels.  But these are SO much more practical!  Perfect for my trip to Tybee Island this weekend.