Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Vionnet Two-Tone Small Flap Shoulder Bag
07/29/2011, 10:51 AM
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I am kinda  a sucker for completely impractical, gilded and glittery handbags.  I will admit it.  When I saw this bag, my heart leapt – even though it would not dare fit all my crap:

I love the slick black leather and the golden pebbled leather with chunky gold hardware.  I even love the styling of the strap!  What I don’t love is the $1255 price tag.  Yikes stripes!  It would be so hot with jeans, a black tank, gold hoop earrings and black boots.  It’s sad when an entire ensemble has already been constructed… Oh well.  Get it at Saks.


Girl Crush Wednesday: Deborah Ann Woll (AKA Jessica from “True Blood”)
07/27/2011, 10:37 AM
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Watching this week’s episode of “True Blood,” I remembered how hot Jessica (whose real name is Deborah Ann Woll) is – the pale skin, the red hair, the smokin’ body…

I love that old school pale skin red hair hotness.  I guess cuz it’s SO different from how I look.

My Shopping Finds: Laser Hair Removal and a Few New Pieces
07/26/2011, 12:09 AM
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So, I am making loads of progress on my “To-Do in 2011” list:  Janet Jackson, Sade and even a full body package of six laser hair removal sessions for a mere $599 plus 10% off – that’s $539.10.  My consultation with the Candela YAG laser is this Wednesday evening.

Last weekend it took me a long time to get to the gym because I was detoured scavenging the clearance racks at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.  What did I find?

Three belts:  Steve Madden beige lizard printed $14.99, Rampage grey croc-print $4 and Nine West olive-green and brown leather $5

Kasper black and white printed skirt suit for $39

Red sailor-style shorts for $14.99

Black shark skin skirt on clearance for $8

I stopped by H&M and saw a print ad for this black and neon striped pleated skirt for $9.95

On an ideeli red sale I found this Arthur S. Levine Tahari cowl dress with belt for $25 (also got Jamison a white Members Only jacket for $21)

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashili Satchel
07/22/2011, 10:30 AM
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I am really in need of a new fab bag.  I had to check out Saks’ best sellers of the summer.  Then I found this beauty – Phillip Lim Pashili Satchel:

I love the neutral color and pebbled texture of the leather.  I even dig the simple silhouette (shocker, I know.)  I wish it were more affordable than $895, but a girl can dream.  You can splurge at Saks.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Italian Vogue “Belle Vere” by Steven Meisel
07/20/2011, 11:13 AM
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I must admit it, I am obsessed with female nudes.  When I saw the gorgeous full-figured women lounging half-naked about a luxury hotel suite on the June 2011 cover of Italian Vogue, I was so in awe:

I can just see one of these images finding its way to my foyer photo gallery.  It kinda makes me want to lounge around in satiny, lacy numbers instead of the cotton I’ve been wearing all summer.

Sade: Cherish the Day
07/18/2011, 11:43 PM
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You may not know of my obsession with Sade, from back in undergrad when I scribbled her song lyrics on frames of IKEA mirrors to searching frantically at EVERY Target I could for her album “Soldier of Love” last year (which BTW, I found generally emotionally exhausting and depressing.)

Sade has literally sung the soundtrack of my life – from “Smooth Operator” at age five to “Moon and the Sky” at 31.  Last Wednesday, I watched her perform both songs and everything in between.  It was so awesome.  It was the BEST $180 I’ve spent ALL year.  I would have happily spent another $250 to re-live the evening.

Photos by: Gabriel Coutu Dumont

So, if she is coming to your town on her world tour you should STRONGLY consider checking her out.  (BTW, John legend rocked it too.)  If that is not an option, I implore you to pull out all those albums from “Diamond Life” to “Soldier of Love” and jam to them!

There is even a NEW greatest hits album, “Sade:  The Ultimate Collection” that even includes my fave album cut, “Bulletproof Soul.”  I don’t have it yet, but will be buying it soon.

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Marc Jacobs Quilted Saffron Baroque Large Bag
07/15/2011, 11:02 AM
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The concert on Wednesday night reminded me of the importance of a crossbody-capable bags.  For so many years, I have lusted for a classic quilted Marc Jacobs bag.  This bag, in white, with chain strap… ah, my dream come true:

What does a girl have to lay down for this amazing piece of handiwork?  A mere $850.  I promise you that this time next year, Marc, I will have one of these dandies on my arm.

P.S. My debt payoff scheme that I ranted about last fall was dramatically impacted by my father’s untimely (and uninsured) death.  I am OK with the financial sacrifice I made, but I certainly miss my extra-large shopping budget.  I am close now.  About 8 months to go!