My Recent Shopping Finds
01/21/2012, 9:24 PM
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As you guys know, Jamison and I bought a new sofa and rug (did I mention the fabulous rug?) on MLK after my weekend of post-oral surgery recuperating.  For a girl like me, a stroll across a non-crowded mall after sofa success led to a few impulse purchases.  (At least I am owning it.)

Here is what I got:

Bow Accent Floppy Hat from Forever 21 – $10.80 You guys know that hot pink is one of my heavy signatures, so I am certain you are not at all surprised by this one.

Metallic Knitted Beret from Forever 21 – $8.80 You know how I love stocking up on cute beanies to elevate a casual look and protect cold ears in winter!

Gianni Binni Bette Peep Toe Wedges – $79.99 I could not bear to leave them in the store.  Cute and will be comfy post-break-in.  (I hope.)  Joie, where are your feet when I need them lol? 😉

While scouring the “going out of business” Blommingdales location at Perimeter, I also found this amazing kate spade bib necklace that I decided I could not live without…

Because the $398 necklace was already on clearance for $278, I got an additional 30% off.  Add in Jamison’s stocking stuffer gift card, and I spent around $190 for this showstopper. And Jamison was in agreement that I HAD to have it!  🙂


Our New Sofa… in 8-10 weeks that is
01/17/2012, 12:53 AM
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Have I told you about my beloved vintage sofa?  Six years after coming home with me, it is on its last leg.  So, we gathered ourselves up and hit the January furniture sales.  And while I was initially hoping for the 2 seater sofa plus chaise sectional, we found this fantastically gorgeous sofa and could not resist it. 

It’s the Martha Stewart Saybridge Sofa in honey, a warm tan.  And it was on sale for $999 plus 10% off.  Because the color is custom-selected, it will takes 8-10 weeks to deliver. 😦 (The grey color, Storm, pictured below was great too.

What I’m Rocking: Red Versace Afternoon
01/10/2012, 10:36 AM
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I wore this ensemble for the tree lighting ceremony in our town last month, but I just stumbled upon the pics.  I am SO into this jacket (that I bought on a recent trip to Goodwill with Amy) and I love the silhouette the jacket cuts:

Red embellished Cache blazer:  Goodwill – adore everything about it and got instant compliments at lunch

 Back v-neck favorite tee:  Gap Outlet – I always get a few of these whenever I hit the outlets.

Black Denim the Rock Star Leggings:  Old Navy – Yes, I own SEVERAL pairs of these.

Black leather Matisse motorcycle boots:  DSW – Yes, I also have THESE in brown too.  They are truly great leather and pretty comfortable.

Gold teardrop hoop earrings:  Forever 21 – I love these.  And also own multiples.  Obsess much lol?

What I’m Rocking: Black, White and Yellow in Savannah Square
01/09/2012, 2:27 AM
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I had so much fun with Jo’ie and Jamison hanging out in Savannah after Christmas.  Here is a great example of my “look” for the entire trip:

Black beanie:  Forever 21 – a score from last year

Leopard pashmina:  Chinatown – bought this in NYC back in 2007

Ray Ban Wayfarers:  Beyond the Rack – got this last Christmas

Black trench with white piping:  TJ Maxx – this was my last birthday present to myself last year

Black Denim the Rock Star Leggings:  Old Navy – these are from my last score in spring

Yellow wedge rain boots:  One of those Savannah boutiques – I got these back in 2007 on a work trip.  Boy are those white soles looked tired and BROWN!  It was supposed to rain all three days we were there but it was sunny and bright and pretty warm on most of the days.

My 2012 Rules for Living
01/09/2012, 2:04 AM
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I am not a resolution kind of girl, but I have laid out a few great ground rules for this year.  I am hoping you can keep me honest and on track.  (I often struggle with accountability.)  So here goes:

  1. Better appreciate my husband
  2. Stay skinny (AKA stay focused on healthy eating and regular exercise)
  3. Continue to focus less on acquiring things

Honorable mention:  Pay off all credit card debt by summer, which I initially completed last spring but suffered a hiccup when my dad died.

I can feel that it is going to be a great year.  Hello – I leave for Paris in less than 3 weeks!  What a great way to get 2012 popping.