Recent Ideeli Scores
09/20/2012, 10:57 PM
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First off, I am SO sorry for being off the grid ALL summer.  I kept meaning to update you on what was going on every week, and every week passed by without a single blog post.  But I wanted to share some pics of recent items I’ve acquired at

Evan Picone dress – $49.99

Casual Couture Peplum Top – $24.99

Bamboo sequined slippers – $24.99

Bamboo gold glitter studded slippers – $24.99

I’ve acquired a few other things over the summer, so I promise to catch you up on those soon.  As well as some cool pics from vacay too.  I’m glad to be back darlings!!!  I miss you; I promise.


Michelle + Jamison Super Prep Resort Wear
06/17/2012, 1:09 AM
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I was searching for the white Polo Ralph Lauren I’d spied at the local Marshalls for Jamison’s potential resort footwear for our upcoming trips to Miami and Playa Paraiso.  I didn’t find those in his size at either our Marshalls or the one near my job, but I DID find these fantastic JackPurcell gold boat shoe slip-ons for $24.99:

I wore them for dinner and drinks on Friday night and to our neighborhood BBQ today, and they were very comfortable.  I love the sassiness of the gold too.

Jamison and I spent some time tonight searching for his resort footwear, and we decided to order these fantastic red plaid Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes very reminiscient of Rodney Dangerfield’s character in “Caddyshack”:

They were on sale for only $64.99 from $175.

What One Year of Patience Can Do For You…
04/24/2012, 9:53 PM
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Last April I was desperate to find replacement cocktail dresses after my 40+ lb weight loss.  I found this amazing black satin Calvin Klein dress on Hautelook.  Well after I got it and loved the ultra flattering fit, I was obsessed with ordering it in blue as well.  I searched and searched and searched to find it with no luck.  Well, guess what I found for $71 on MyHabit?

See what can happen if you wait a year for what you want?  You can get it.  Now where to wear it…

My February Post-Paris Shopping Finds
03/22/2012, 10:29 AM
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When I returned from Paris, I had to spend time with some of my favorite people who I missed.  Namely, my husband, Jamison, and my shopping partner, Jory.

My first weekend back, Jamison and I decided to hit our favorite pizza shop, Oz Pizza in Fairburn, Georgia, for a lunch of Bud Light and pepperoni and italian sausage pizza.  I was in such a good mood and so happy to see downtown Fairburn coming back to life that we stopped by the Antiques Mall.  (The day we spent at the flea market in Paris reminded me of how much I miss flea markets, antiquing, etc.)  I ogled many things but actually left with two cool items:


Red Macrame Purse – so cute, fits nicely under arm and only $8.40

Rhinestone “Question Mark” Brooch – super sparkly (even love the obvious age on it) and a 100-year-old steal for $12

Later that night, we headed to a local strip mall where I had planned to hit the Holy Trifecta of Ross, Marshalls and TJ Maxx but it was too cold.  Instead I only hit Ulta, where I was able to get a few new makeup items:

L’Oreal True Match Powder in C7 – I assumed their C7 was the same as MAC C7.  I was wrong.  It was TOO dark.  Or maybe I am TOO winter pale right now?  Either way, I assumed that I must be one shade darker than Beyonce’s advertised shade of C6 but I was wrong.  So I will be saving this for my summer shade in hopes of golden brown-ness.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush – I have been looking to replace my Benefit Creaseless Shadow in Marry Up, which was part of my wedding makeup.  Yes, I know that means it is 3.5 years old.  I kept it for reference.  This shade is VERY close and apparently VERY long wearing too.  I think I’m also gonna try the Revlon Color Tattoo Eyeshadow too.  Both are around $8, which is $10 cheaper than my beloved $18 Benefit.

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black – I just tossed by Chanel mascara, which I loved.  I am trying to get back into my drugstore standby, but I don’t love the applicator.

A Little Silver Something For Myself
03/21/2012, 10:39 PM
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I have been looking for a new handbag to treat myself to for weeks.  (I had to do something with my bonus besides pay off all of my credit card debt and fix up the family room.)  When I saw this amazing Just Cavalli silver quilted leather bag with gold chain straps, I knew I had to have it.  And at $190 from a retail price of $500, I was SOLD.  It was my first purchase from myhabit, a partner of

BTW, it totally reminds me of the silver miroir LV bag that I was dying for many years ago.  A few grand cheaper!

Since the price was so low, I still have about $200-$250 to spend on another treat to myself.  Plus, I am searching for a new chaise when I get back from Vegas.

Red Sale Scores!
02/18/2012, 7:41 PM
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I just couldn’t resist a little online browsing.  And when I saw ideeli was having a Red Sale, it quickly turned to shopping:

Carmen Marc by Carmen Marc Volvo Embellished Neckline Cocktail Dress – $48.99 (regularly $319)

Nine West Short Double-Breasted Belted Peacoat – $37.99 (regularly $225)

It’s so awesome – the dress is very similar to the one Jo’ie and I still think should have been her Maid of Honor dress for my wedding three and a half years ago.  And I have been really wanting a red coat.  Score!

My Shopping Finds: Paris
02/13/2012, 2:25 AM
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I was SO excited for the Paris trip that I could hardly contain myself.  I was also extremely worried about going over budget while away.  I mean, Paris is an expensive city.  One of the MOST expensive in the world after all.  I not only managed to find some fabulous things but I managed to do so all while NOT going over budget.  Here is what I got:

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram – I decided after the “not-so-successful” flea market trip on Saturday to just go ahead and splurge on an LV bag at the St. Germaine location.  (While I could not WAIT to explore the four story flagship store on the Champs Elysees, I KNEW I didn’t want to buy there with all the Asian tourists.  Sorry, I call it like I see it lol…)  It was actually cheaper at 540 Euros or approximately $700.  And I promptly got a 12% VAT refund of nearly $80 too!

Vintage Shopping

Vintage Chanel Suit – I went to Catherine B. with hopes of getting some vintage Chanel jewels or sunglasses and MAYBE to ogle the jackets and suits.  But since it was “soldes” or SALE time in Paris, I found this amazing Chanel suit for only 350 Euros (around $415).  There was a dress suit that I LOVED (hot pink no less) but the dress was WAY too small and the jacket was actually a little big.  And it was 450 Euros.  I think I wear 38 in French tops and 42 in French bottoms.  Oh well…  Maybe I AM pear shaped?

Black leather clasp purse – I loved the look and structure of this bag

Black pony hair crossbody bag – I appear to be newly obsessed with cross-bodies

Vintage scarves – I collect these, but I shared ONE with my Ganny & one with Jeanette (pictured below)

Flea Market Shopping

Vintage magazine prints – I got these at St. Ouen Flea Market.  There were MANY amazing fur coats, but I essentially left with this art and a few other things (see below.)

Chocolate leather purse – It is super soft leather made in Morocco.  And for 40 Euros, it seemed like a good deal, which I needed after a flat day of shopping when I expected to blow my paycheck.

Knit beanie – Love the neutral color and at 7 Euros, it wasn’t horribly expensive.  But twice as much as Forever21. 😉

Earrings and Bracelet – Sparkly and affordable.  Love it.

Souvenir Shop

Pashminas, Ash Trays, Magnets, Paris Potholder, Eiffel Tower replicas, Eiffel Tower puzzle, Paris Prints, Shotglass, Champagne Bottle Stopper

Champs Elysees

European Man Tees for Jamison at Celio (not pictured)

Bronzer, Kabuki Brush and Mixa Expert Peaux Sensibles Creme Visage at Monoprix.

OK, so I have to share this funny story.  On Friday night after returning to our hotel from the trip to Reims around 8 PM, we were supposed to nap before hitting the jazz club.  We fell asleep and woke up around 10:45.  We decided against hitting the jazz club but somehow stayed up ALL night watching Alice Nevers.  During this spree of French television, I saw this very convincing commercial for Mixa Expert Peau Sensibles Creme Visage – sensitive skin moisturizer good for the whole family.  I had to have it.  I spent the whole trip looking for it and finally found it on my last full day in Monoprix.  And when I used it at home, I was SO thrilled that I asked Rox to bring me another one, which she is sending me shortly. 🙂

We spent a lot of time eyeing luxury goods longingly at Gucci while the Asian tourists scooped up EVERYTHING in sight.  “Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci everything… Louis this, Louis that, Louis everything…”  (Lyrics courtesy of OMG Girlz song “Gucci This”)

Carrefour Market:  (not pictured)

Milady Apricot and Strawberry Confitures (preserves) – this was served at proper French breakfast with butter and croissants & toast

Rose wine – so delicious and only 1.90 Euros

Harissa – makes everything more spicy and delicious

Kinder Bueno Bars – we bought the ten pack for like 5 Euros, but I forgot to bring a few home 😦

H&M – cuz yeah, I did go to H&M in France.  Champagne no less LOL.  I couldn’t help myself.  And I wanted a LOT of stuff that I need to seek out at my local H&M ASAP (black and white striped pants, green peplum top, green midi pencil skirt, blue midi pencil skirt with red polka dots, etc.)

Hot pink trousers – on sale for 7 Euros and you know it’s my signature color

Leopard Print Gloves – how could I resist for 5 Euros