Thanksgiving Shopping Victory
11/30/2010, 11:53 PM
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I kicked off the Thanksgiving Holiday by spending the day with Amy, shopping in Buckhead.  We hit all of my favorite stores and made some time for food & wine shopping too.  I loaded up on wine and even bought some candy – Kinder Bars were on clearance at World Market for $2.50 per 3-pack and the gummy frogs were irresistible.  My goal was to find some new skirts since my existing ones are getting so big they do the twist around-on-your-body-deal.  I managed to meet my goal and then some:

Denim and black pencil skirts (yes, I’m likely to get the black one hemmed to the knee) for less than $30 total at Marshalls and Ross

Black and silver Taylor dress – on clearance at Ross for $19.99.  Thinking it’s perfect for a Mardi Gras brunch. 🙂

Five of my favorite Garnier Nutritioniste facial exfoliant and moisturizer kits

Some stocking stuffers for Amy, who is a loyal reader, so I can’t tell 😉

On Black Friday, Jamison and I were out to find him new football cleats and basketball shoes.  Luckily, I also got a few things – two more Garnier Nutritioniste exfoliant and moisturizer kits from Marshalls and more The Rock Star Skinny Denim Leggings at Old Navy – on sale for $15.  I was feeling very good about my scores but still in need of more pencil skirts. 

So, luckily I was able to score a new light grey pencil skirt at Ross on Cyber Monday – and a few stocking stuffers.  (No cyber luck.  I didn’t find the sales very impressive.  Thursday sales were just as good – maybe better.)

I guess I’ll do some more scouring at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross this week while I continue scouting good stocking stuffers for Amy and more presents for everyone else on our Christmas list.


What I’m Rocking: Thanksgiving Teal Time
11/28/2010, 4:54 PM
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I’ve had this vintage Bob Mackie dress for years now and have never worn it b/c it was a small vintage size 12.  I was thrilled to rock it:

Vintage teal Bob Mackie dress:  Goodwill – Or maybe some other thrift store like St. Vincent de Paul.  Amy and I bought it in the fall of 2006 when we were hard-core thrifters.  We need to get back to that soon.  I mean I got it for $6 or less, and it still had both vintage specialty store tag for $199 and Neiman Marcus original tag for $599.  I love an embellished steal. 😉

Black platform peep-toe slingbacks:  Nine West – I got these in the spring of 2008.  Of course I also have the alternate color which is hot pink with a bright orange platform.  And they were a great deal at $79.99 for super comfy and tall heels.

Gold chandelier earrings: ??? – I probably bought these at one of those teeny-bopper stores like Wet Seal or Body Central but they are gorgeously golden though fairly heavy.  I thought this dress needed a splash of gold!

Thanksgiving this year was a great time.  From drinking rose with Jamison in the morning, laughing (and drinking vodka shots – what was I thinking?) with my family at Jamison’s dad’s dinner and joking with my Aunt Tracey and cousin Jessica and Jamison’s mom’s dinner, a great time was had.  And I was only a little hung over (and a little sniffly) on Friday morning so Jamison & I were able to do a tiny bit of Black Friday shopping. 

More to come on my Thanksgiving Shopping Victory…

Blow Your Paycheck Friday: Black Friday Edition
11/26/2010, 7:00 AM
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All the things I may or may not be getting this morning for my Christmas list:

40 inch Westinghouse TV at Target for $298

Tom Tom Navigation at Target for $79.99

And maybe I can score some good board games for cheap too…  Just a hope. 😉  Happy Black Friday.  Can’t wait to see the Nebraska vs. Colorado and Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia games.  And we’re having paella with GK and Andreas tonight.  Fab!

What I’m Thankful For…
11/25/2010, 5:35 PM
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In 2010 there are many things I’m thankful for (as usual) on this Thanksgiving Day:

Starting the day with my husband drinking sparkling rose while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after hitting the gym (thanks to my body for enduring the workout even though I was exhausted before I started)

An opportunity to eat macaroni and cheese and apple pie (not great diet foods LOL) and drink lots of wine

Spending time with friends and family – while eating macaroni and cheese and drinking wine

Decorating the Christmas tree – hopefully mine will happen soon but at least Ben & Jory’s was able to tide me over last night (along with red wine, shortbread crackers, baguette, brie, fig jam, duck liver pate and fancy Pepperidge Farm Entertaining crackers before enjoying chorizo fajitas at El Taco)

Shopping with and for the people I love.  Turns out Thanksgiving Day shopping will rival Black Friday.  And stores are even open today – so smart.  How many Thanksgiving Days have you been bored out of your skull by 5 PM?  Brilliant.

Being able to achieve my weight loss goals – turns out you just need to be vigilant about everything – and fitting size 10’s again. 😉

Switching back to Comcast so I can watch VH1 Soul all day

Listening to my new Kanye CD

Racing to say “Happy Thanksgiving!!!” with as much fanfare as possible to mi mamita on the phone this Thanksgiving morning

Being young, happy and alive in this world.  My cousin Jerry was not so lucky, having passed away in a tragic car accident last Saturday morning.  RIP.  No family barbeque will be the same without you and your charisma.  “We ride drop-top Audis, huh?”  I will miss you so much.  And I promise to keep my rims clean… most of the time.  I want to make you pride.

Girl Crush Wednesday: Fergie
11/24/2010, 11:10 AM
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When I saw Fergie on the December cover of Glamour, I instantly started singing, “Fergalicious definition make them boys go loco…”  I love me some Fergie.  I think she’s cool.  I think she’s sexy.  And I am truly in LOVE with her hubby.  [Hey Josh. 😉 ]  That she’s gone from meth addict to superstardom is not only amazing but reminds us all that we can achieve anything we put our minds on.

Source:  Maxim Online

Source:  Underground Power

Source:  News Paper Doll

Source:  Ever After Planner

Source:  Ask Men

B Looking Fab in Form-fitting Ivory
11/23/2010, 8:21 PM
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Saw this pic of Beyonce and just about keeled over and died.  I love the dress as much as I love HER in the dress.  Talk about keeping me motivated.  She is so gorgeous and her body is SICK:

Source:  I’m Not Obsessed

Shecky’s Girls Night Out
11/23/2010, 4:10 PM
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Last Thursday evening I attended Shecky’s Girls Night Out with my buddy, Reed.  I was thrilled to see that Bud Select 55 was on the bar – beer for less than 60 calories?  You know it’s a household staple.  I enjoyed one while waiting in line for my goody bag, which contained:

  • Lindt 70% dark chocolate
  • Colgate toothpaste (full-sized)
  • Jergen’s Shea Butter lotion (travel-sized)
  • Samples of Body Shop shampoo, conditioner, hair butter and facial moisturizer
  • Samples of Aveeno shampoo and conditioner
  • Goody ponytail holders
  • Hot pink heart-shaped sunglasses courtesy of XRated liquer
  • Febreze Home scented goodies
  • Softlips sugar and spice lip balm duos
  • Sample of viafusion gummy vitamins (yummy and an excuse to eat gummies, will be buying these soon)
  • Samples of U by Kotex products and a “feminine product” carrier
  • Loads of coupons!

 Besides the awesome makeovers by Gabriel, we were only excited for these super cool lilla rose hair barrettes.

While we left mostly empty-handed, we had a great evening of fun for $10 goodie bag tickets and a $22 dinner.  Girl’s night is really about having a good time with your girls.  And lots of other girls too LOL.